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Chapel Mission: Seek to Serve the Community

The Seven Lakes Chapel In The Pines has been serving the entire Community since 1976 through numerous Outreach and Benevolence ministries.


This interdenominational Chapel was founded in early 1976 and the original building, which seated 80 people, was dedicated on December 19, 1976. Principal founders were Ray and Noni Scheuer and Roger and Carolyn McManus, who wished to create a fitting memorial for their recently lost son. In 1984 a major building addition was erected and the enlarged sanctuary was rededicated on April 21, 1985. The second expansion was completed in 1998 and the seating capacity is now 280. The Joralemon Fellowship Hall, added in 2010, now enhances the Chapel's service to the community.

The Benevolence Committee  undertakes New Project!

The Northern Moore Family Resource Center whose mission is to encourage the development of strong families, healthy children and caring communities in the northern Moore County area is in the process of renovating the former fire and rescue building to house the Hope Academy. The Hope Academy will prepare 3-and 4-year old children to enter kindergarten having the same knowledge base and skills as their peers from other Moore County communities and will give their parents skills they need to support their children's education.  It is the conviction of the Center that Hope Academy will change the trajectory of the lives of the children in the community.
Two classrooms and an office will be open for the 2015-16 school year.  Grants have been secured, and organizations as well as individuals have done pro bono work, but donations from the faith community are requested to support the cost to educate the children. The cost of educating each child is estimated to be $2500 per year. 

To aid in this worthwhile project, the Benevolence Committee of the Seven Lakes Chapel has pledged to support the cost of one child for a year, to be paid in quarterly installments  beginning in May,2015.                                                             


The Joralemon Fellowship has been able to invite the Seven Lakes Community to the following Events:

Lunch Bunch:

Peach Festival

Caregiver Support Group

 Early to Middle Dementia Group

Medical Equipment Loans  To borrow equipment please call Chapel office: 910-673- 2156

                     Medical pamohlet

The Chapel also provides a meeting plane for the following which are open to enture Seven Lakes Community:

Seven Lakes Garden Club

The Kiwanis

The Lions Club

Women's Bible Studies

Vacation Bible Study

Women of Seven Lakes ( will return here in fall)

Some of the above  have more in formation on the Outreach page.

The  Chapel /Community Rummage Sale:   With the support of the Chapel and the entire Seven Lakes Community, this rummage sale held each October provides funds for all our Christmas families. (Please remember this is a huge undertaking and many people are needed to volunteer to help).